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Congratulations Brandon on submitting your PhD thesis!

2019 has been and eventful year and last week we celebrated Brandon’s thesis submission. While this is only the beginning of Brandon’s thesis examination, it marks the completion of a large body of work that he should be very proud of.

We’ve had 2 new arrivals this year. In January, Dr Daniel Mediati joined us from UTS. Daniel will be studying RNA-based gene regulation in MRSA. Earlier this year Sylvania also joined the lab to start her PhD looking at gene regulation in MRSA. Welcome (back) to the lab Daniel and Sylvania! We’re all excited about the discoveries you’ll make over the next few years.

It’s conference season again for the Tree Lab. We’ll all be attending BacPath15 in Perth this year. Daniel, Brandon, and I will be speaking about RNA-based gene regulation in Shiga toxigenic E. coli and MRSA. Sylvania and Winton will be presenting posters on their work in MRSA. The conference is always lots of fun and this year looks to be no exception. Shortly after BacPath15, I will be attending the EMBL non-coding genome conference and visiting a few bacterial RNA groups in Europe. It will terrific opportunity to catch up on the latest and greatest in RNA biology.

Finally, the lab hosted A/Prof Kate Seib from the Institute for Glycomics at Grffith University last week. Kate spoke about her work on developing a gonococcal vaccine and prospects for eradicating this STI. Her talk was extremely well received and we’re all looking forward to reading more about her progress in this area over the coming years.

DECEMBER 7, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close …
Another successful year! Congratulations to Sylvania Wu on her first class Honours, and welcome back to the lab Winton Wu after a brief sojourn at the Protein Expression Facility @ the University of Queensland. Winton started his PhD in August and is already off to a strong start.

The lab was also very pleased to hear that funding for our EHEC work had been renewed by the NHMRC. These funds will allow us to expand out network analysis of EHEC regulatory RNAs (published last year in EMBO J), and provide a detailed analysis of some of the more significant regulatory interactions that we have found in these networks.

DECEMBER 7, 2017

NHMRC funding 2018-2020
We were very pleased to find out that our application to the NHMRC for Project funding was successful this year. The funds allow us to explore small RNA regulated antibiotic tolerance in multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

Spring is springing
The warm weather is back in Sydney (!!). The LaboraTree headed out for a BBQ in Coogee – followed by some Giant Jenga at the Coogee Pavilion.
Brandon and Julia will be giving talks on their work on small RNA function in EHEC and MRSA at BacPath14! Congrats guys! We’re all really excited about his conference – it’s always fun and informative.IMG_2332

FEBRUARY 19, 2017

Honours 2017
A belated congratulations to Winton Wu on his first class Honours in 2016! Well Done. We’re very excited to welcome Lawrence and Rebecca to the LaboraTree in March 2017 to start their Honours research. Exciting discoveries ahead!

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