Our data

To provide interactive access to the sequencing datasets from various publications, we have a JBrowse site with a number of datasets available (choose Linear View > NC_002695.2):


At the moment, the JBrowse site has data from our transcriptomics studies in enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC):

  • RNA-seq data
  • RNA 5′ end mapping (dRNA-seq)
  • RNA 3′ end mapping (Term-seq)
  • Protein-RNA interaction sites determined by UV-crosslinking (CRAC) for:
    • Hfq
    • RNase E

We will be adding new data in the near future including:

  • Staphyloccocus aureus transcriptomics
  • Staphyloccocus aureus transcript boundary mapping
  • Staphyloccocus aureus CRAC data
  • EHEC and S. aureus CLASH data
  • Additional EHEC protein-RNA interaction (CRAC) datasets

If you have feedback on the JBrowse site please contact Jai Tree at j.tree[at]unsw.edu.au

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